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The first thing I did when I was researching this was look to the web.  The second thing I did was go to the library and the book store.  I was amazed how little information is in print out there on this topic.  However there is an overwhelming amount of information out there in the form of Cross Country Tours web sites and Online Journals.

Online Journals:

America by Bicycle June 2002 - Three teachers and a dream tackle the Transamerica Trail.  Excellent information and fun to read. 

Bruce Wright does the Southern Tier September 1999 - Good details about the trip with a group from Adventure Cycling.

Crazy Guy on a Bike - The best place to go for all of the online journals you can read. Be very careful at this site, you could spend hours here and not even know it!

Dave and Will (Father & Son) April 2003  - Together on a tandem they ride the Southern Tier. Fun to read, good information.

Elizabeth and Brians's Adventure March 2003 - A husband and wife team tackle the Southern Tier.  Find out why they didn't make it.

Glenn Elert gets Bent across the Country June 1998 - A school teacher takes a northern route on a recumbent.  Great technical details about the whole trip, a good read.

Sarah Beaver goes Cross Country September 2002 - Read about Sarah's trip with PAC Tour in 25 days!


Adventure Cycling Association - The best for Cross Country and Long Distance Touring information.  Maps, articles, updates, equipment, and so much more.

Cross Country Tours:

PAC Tour - Definitely not for the timid rider.  This group does a cross country tour in 25 days, averaging 135 miles a day.  Check their schedule for other tours and rides around the country.


Bob's Cycle Center - For all your equipment needs here in Sacramento.  They have three locations.  My favorite place to hang out!

BOB Trailers - Tired of carrying all of that weight?  Then pull it with a single wheel trailer.

Performance Bike - Another great place that is local to me.

eBay Auctions: Cycling - Take a look here for all of the greatest deals.  Be sure to read all of the information in the listing, sometimes it's new, sometimes it's not.

eBay Stores: Cycling - This is the cycling category for all of the eBay stores. I've bought from a few listed and they are great.


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