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This is a listing of the tours that I've done that are self supported and are more than one day.  Anything else is just a trip and can be found under My Trips
Southern Tier Cross Country 200? I had originally planned on doing this in the Spring of 2006.  Those plans have been put on hold for now.  I would still like to do this tour one of these years.  Meanwhile I've still got California.
PacWest 2008  July 2008 The plan is to start in San Francisco and head all the way to the Mexican Border.  A total of 12 days and 624 miles.  Another ride that I just can't wait for!
PacWest 2007  August 2007 I flew to Portland, Oregon at the beginning of August and then rode my bike West to the Coast.  Once there I traveled South to Fort Bragg, California.  A total of 13 days and just under 700 miles.  It was one heck of a ride.
PacWest 2006 The plan was to go from from Roseburg, OR down to Fort Bragg, CA.  Because of circumstances beyond my control I wasn't able to make this trip, I'll leave it hear because of the research information I found. 
PacWest 2005 September 2005 This was my first real Tour.  I started in Fort Bragg, CA and rode all the way to my home in Roseville, CA.  I wandered down the California Coast along Highway 1 and then headed inland following Highway 680, Highway 80, and the American River Bike Trail.  There we many ups and downs, good days and bad, lots of friends and plenty of quiet time.  Take a peek to see how I did.


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