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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2006

Name of Tour: Pac West Tour 2006
When: August 2006
Duration: 7 Day
What: Cycling Tour
Cost: $
Size of Group: 
What would you change:  
Research - I will keep track of my research and planning here for others to see.

Due to changes in my summer plans I was not able to make my plans a reality this year.  However this would have been a great route to go on.  Maybe next year will be kinder to me and allow me to go. (2007 is here and so is the plan take a look)  Meanwhile I'll leave this out there for those that may want research on this type of a route.


  • Day 0 - Roseville, CA to Roseburg, OR
  • Day 1 - Roseburg, OR to Bandon, OR
  • Day 2 - Bandon, OR to Gold Beach, OR
  • Day 3 - Gold Beach, OR to Del Norte, CA
  • Day 4 - Del Norte, CA to Trinidad, CA
  • Day 5 - Trinidad, CA to Scotia, CA
  • Day 6 - Scotia, CA to Richardson Grove, CA
  • Day 7 - Richardson Grove, CA to Fort Bragg, CA


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