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My Trips for 2012

Tour de Cure April 2012 - The Tour de Cure was back and almost as windy as the year before....but this time around we had a special treat for us at Rest Stop #2.  Lindsay and James were with me as we road 100 miles to find more food at the end.  Thanks again to all my sponsors! 

My Trips for 2011

Tour de Cure April 2011 - It was another year at the Tour de Cure, no rain, just a little wind, okay a lot of wind.  A couple of cycling buddies decided to come along this time and it was great to have them. Tour de Cure  is a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. I'll be there again next year! 

My Trips for 2010

Tour de Cure May 2010 - I had so much fun last year that I just had to do this ride again, I didn't wait for Shirley to ask.  Tour de Cure  is a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.  I enjoyed the great weather this time around. 

My Trips for 2009

Tour de Cure May 2009 - A good friend of mine asked me about 6 months ago if I would ride the Tour de Cure.  A fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.  I thought it would be great weather, May always has good weather.  Not this year! 

My Trips for 2008

Foxy's Fall Century October 2008 - I had so much fun last year on the Foxy's Fall I just had to go back for more.  Didn't get to ride with the group long enough but it was a great ride. 
Lodi Sunrise Century May 2008 The Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club has hosted this event for 12 years.  Each of the 3 years that I have attended I have been very happy with the route the support and the group of riders.  My only complaint is mother nature. You never know what she is going to throw at you.  
Tour de Lincoln May 2008 This year the Lincoln Volunteer Group went all out.  They came up with a new route and even a new menu for those lucky enough to finish early. 
Bike Around the Buttes April 2008 I wouldn't let a little rain detour me from coming back again.  The Bike Club decided to try this route again, this time in the good weather.  We were not disappointed.  

My Trips for 2007 

Foxy's Fall Century October 2007 A ride held every October starting in Davis and hosted by the Davis Bike Club.  It's listed as the easiest first Century.  Let's take a ride and find out.  
Tour de Lincoln May 2007 It was my fourth year on this ride and it just keeps getting better each time.  Thanks to the Lincoln Volunteer Center for hosting another great ride.
Bike around the Buttes April 2007 It was only supposed to sprinkle.  That's what the site said, they lied!  Read about how we cycled in the rain for 6 hours.
Auburn Hills Loop March 2007 This is a ride that the Sacramento Wheelmen do on a monthly basis.  It's called the In-n-out Century. The Roseville 5th Club decided to give it a try.

My Trips for 2006

Sierra Century June 2006 Once again I decided to give this ride a go.  Little did I know it would be the last time it would be held in Amador County read what happened that would change the history of this ride.
Lodi Sunrise Century May 2006 -  I just love this ride.  I don't know if it's the lack of hills, the good volunteers, the scenery, or just being on the road.
Tour de Lincoln May 2006 -  My third year on the Tour and it was another great time.  Thanks to the club for sticking through to the end of this windy ride.

My Trips for 2005

Marin Century August 2005 - I've been in this area before but never on a bike.  It will have a little of everything; flat land, coastal scenes, and hills. Take a look in August to see how I did!
Sierra Century June 2005 I went, I saw, I conquered the hill of all hills, Slug Gulch.  It had a mean 20% grade but I made it up the hill and all the way back home to live to cycle again.
Lodi Sunrise Century May 2005 Starting at Lodi High school and heading to Mokelumne River past rolling vineyards, ranches and lush green farmland. Climb approximately 2,000 feet around Lake Comanche and over Pardee Reservoir.
Tour de Lincoln May 2005 - It's back to the first organized tour I ever did.  Now that I know what to expect I'll be sure to finish in time and enjoy it even more.

McLane Foothill Century March 2005 - I started in Merced, CA and made my way to Hilltop Ranch and then up to Turlock Lake. Next it was a nice ride through rolling hills and through the town of Snelling.  A total of 66 miles and about 1,400 feet of climbing.  A perfect way to start the new cycling season.

My Trips for 2004

Tahoe Sierra Century September 2004 - This was my big test of climbing and endurance.  A 100 mile route through the Sierra Nevada starting near Lake Tahoe winding down to Cisco Grove and then back to Lake Tahoe.

Rancho Seco September 2004 - This was a great trip to test out the Bob Trailer.  A great ride from Roseville, CA to Herald, CA and campout at the Old Power Plant, Rancho Seco.
Cool Breeze Century August 2004 - The Cool Breeze is hosted by the Channel Islands Bicycle Club and the Kiwanis Club.  The ride starts in Ventura and takes you through the beautiful hills of Santa Barbara and then along the Coast.  This was my big event, a Double Metric Century.

Sierra Century June 2004 - An annual event hosted by the Sacramento Wheelman.  The weather was perfect and so was the food.  Take a look to see how many people showed up.

Tour de Lincoln May 2004 - This was my first organized Cycling event and it will not be the last.  It is an organized Tour put on by the Lincoln Volunteer Center to raise funds for their group each year.  I had a great time and really enjoyed this route.  Take a look at whether or not we finished.

My Trips for 2003

California Aqueduct April 2003 - This is the trip that started it all.  During the spring of 2003 I took my local Scout Troop on a trek of the California Aqueduct. Find out if everybody made it to the end.


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