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  My Trips: Tour de Cure 2011

Name of Trip: Tour de Cure 2011
When: April 30, 2011
Duration: 1 Day
What: Cycling Trip
Cost: $25 registration, minimum $150 in donations.  
Size of Group: Me, Lindsay and Ken
Good: I was very well supported by donations once again and enjoyed the ride from beginning to end.
Bad: There was a brutal head wind starting out.
What would you change:  Train harder.

Saturday 04/30/11

Prologue Note:  This year I was able to convince two of my cycling buddies to come along on the Tour de Cure.  This would be my 3rd year riding and the route was the same, so I figured I'd seen it all, right?  Sort of.  This year instead of rain, we had a little wind, okay a lot of wind.  Take a look below for more on that.  The night before I decided I wanted to do something more this year for those that had donated.  So I decided that I would give everyone a little space on my shin, again see below for the details.  

The Ride:  What a great morning to start a century ride, except for the little amount of wind that is making it's way through the streets of Roseville.  The sun is coming up and there isn't a cloud in the sky.  There is a large group gathering around the check in tents and we're all eager to get going.  I'm anxious as always to get things started, partly the ride jitters, and the chill in the air.  Many of the riders are doning there wind breakers, I decide to pass as I know it's going to get warmer, it will just be windy.  I just put on the arm warmers and head for the starting lines.  Soon enough Lindsay and Ken are onsite checked in and we're ready to go.  We make our way out of the parking lot and down the usual route heading over to Fiddyment, that is where we run into a wall, a wall of wind.  A number of us are all lined up and drafting off of each other, I trade off with a guy out in front, but not too many others are willing to get out in front with the wind.  I look down, we're doing 14 mph, and it's painfully slow.  At least we'll have a good tailwind coming back home, unless the wind changes.

Each time we take a turn and head East we have a slight reprieve from the wind that is coming from the North.  But then we have to turn again and head North.  We make our way through Lincoln just as in past years, nothing to exciting to report, we all have a mission to complete today, just make it through the ride.  Once on the other side of Lincoln we're making our way out to the farm lands and heading into a few hills.  The groups start to break up quickly and you can pick out who will be the strong ones today and who will not.  I end up about the middle of the group, obviously I'm not as strong as I want to be this time around.

The sun is fully up and the temps are starting to rise a bit, not as cold as when we started out.  The wind hasn't slowed down much, if anything it may have picked up a bit.  Heading out towards Camp Far West we pass the famous flag, this tells the story for me, the wind is very strong today.  Did I mention the wind?

Up ahead we make another right and it's back into the wind, but just past the turn is the first Rest Stop of the day.  Somehow we manage to best most everyone else and come in with a small group.  There is plenty to drink, you wouldn't think you need it with the wind, but you do.  After a few quick snacks it's time to get back on the road.

We leave with a few others, nothing to large, but at least we can change back and forth.  We're coming in behind the hills now so the wind is starting to die down a little.  North Forbes is just a bad as last year, it's a brutal way to throw in a few hills, but it makes you work hard for the precious few miles.  Once we're back out on McCourtney the speed picks up as we have the tail wind for a brief few miles

Now it's time to head down Wise, this is where we love to play, only we're usually going the other way.  It's a slow climb as we come around to the Fire Station on the corner, Rest Stop #2.  Usually I'm pulling off the arm warmers by now, not this time, the wind is keeping me just cool enough to make me leave them on.  This time around Joanne isn't at the Rest Stop, too bad, she has been a great volunteer to man the rest stops.  Another of my cycling friends pulls in with his group, he has decided to do the 65 mile version, it's tempting, but we signed up for the 100 mile. 

After I fill up on liquids and something to eat it's time to head out for Auburn.  But before we hit Auburn we hit Bald Hill, I still remember the first time I climbed Bald, I thought my legs were going to fall off.  Now when I climb it I just take it slow and easy, nothing falls off.  During the next stretch I begin to notice fewer and fewer cyclists.  Not as many to draft with now, most are taking the 65 mile route today. 

I round the bend and find myself coming through the Clipper Gap area, time to head back.  Bowman Reservoir up ahead, a nice nap would be great about now.  Instead I head into Auburn and come through the middle of town across 49 and up Palm Ave.  Following this takes me back over to Millerton and down Wise. 

Back out onto Wise and means only one thing, the Fire Station is just ahead around the next turn, 80 miles done, only 20 to go.  I'm really feeling it today, once again I just haven't put enough miles in to blast through the 100 miles, I'll make it, but it's going to hard.  After a few drinks it's time to stretch and then head back out on the road.  At least we get to fly down a few hills on the way.  Time to call Shirley, she's in the area shopping and will be there at the end.

The three of us enjoy the next few miles into Lincoln as we go through Chili Hill,  Viriginia Town, and over to McBean Park.  It's a nice water stop this year with more than just water.  Ken is feeling it a bit and so am I.  It's time to keep moving before the legs stiffen up.  We make are way over to Fiddyment and then head South, with that a funny thing happens, I look down to see that I'm now doing 26 mph, how can that be.....tailwind.  That's right the same wind that held us back that morning to 12 mph is now pushing us home, sweet relief.  Lindsay comes up along side, "Do you want me to pull out front for you?"  "I think I've got it this time, you just push back there."

We're flying past the remnants of the smaller route riders, this is soooo nice.  The dump is there for sure and then it goes by, a quick turn and it's back over to Blue Oaks on HP.  I come riding through the finish line and Shirley is there waiting at the end.  Once again it's Chipotle time!  Three sodas later and I'm almost feeling back to normal.  I've got my t-shirt, my finish line photo, and I'm ready for a long hot shower.  I wonder if those name are going to wash off. 

NOTE: the names did wash off, only to find that I had a tan line from each of the names from being in the sun all day.

Epilogue Note: A final note to thank all of those that sponsored Shirley and I for the Tour de Cure 2011.  We had a total of 25 people donate towards this cause.  With your support and donations we were able to raise $1,475 toward the American Diabetes Association.  I found out later that I was in the top 10 for those individuals collecting money for the Roseville event.  Again thank you to all those that allowed me to ride this and support a great cause.  We'll be back again next year for sure!


Photo Gallery

It a cool Spring morning....cooler than most due to the wind. It's time to line up and get ready to ride. Did I mention the wind today? The flag tells the story on this one. Lindsay and Ken lead out this morning as I follow behind. We're making our way up and around to Camp Far West Resevoir.
Rest Stop #2 is here and I'm ready for a beak. Eric is here and he's enjoying the ride as well. Covered by the trees we enjoy the climb up Bald Hill It's a steep climb as we continue up Bald Now at the top of Bald it's almost an 18% grade.
Ken has made it to the top, without walking! Lindsay had to do a 2nd ride up the hill to get a good picture. Heading through Auburn it's looking good. Lindsay and Ken are close behind. Lindsay pulls up front to lead the way for a bit.
heading back down to Auburn from here... ....we get to fly down.... ....Millertown Road.... It's just the best. Back at Rest Stop #2 but it's now Rest Stop #3

Devin just can't wait to get back and have a soda or three. Another great downhill on Chili Hill and then we're almost there. Ken is ready for a really long massage when he gets back. Look Ma no hands....Lindsay takes it easy. Take my picture please.....Devin coming in the home stretch of HP in Roseville.


  The ceremonial picture, Shirley Hamilton and Devin Holmes.  Each of my sponsors earned the right to be on the shin for the day.  I turned one or two heads with all of these names. The ceremonial picture with Lindsay, Shirley, and Devin at the finish.  What a ride!  


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