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  My Trips: Rancho Seco 2004

Name of Trip: Rancho Seco 2004
When: September 17 & 18, 2004
What: A bike ride from Roseville, CA to Herald, CA.  I need a chance to test out my Bob Trailer and also the Scouts need to get in a good 50 mile ride for their cycling merit badge. I will ride out on Friday, the Scouts will meet me there Friday night, then all of use will ride back home on Saturday.
Duration: 2 Day
What: Cycling Trip/Overnighter
Cost: $20 registration for two campsites
Size of Group: 3 adults, 6 boys
Good: No problems on the way there or back.  Great weather for cycling on the way home.  None of the boys had any issues with their bicycles.
Bad: I fought a headwind for the last 20 miles which killed my average and made riding with the trailer difficult at times.
What would you change: Take more pictures next time.

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