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  My Trips: Lodi Sunrise Century 2008

Name of Trip: Lodi Sunrise Century
When: May 17, 2008
Duration: 1 Day
What: Cycling Trip
Cost: $45 registration
Size of Group: Me
Good: Nice weather, nice rest stops and friendly people. No wind!
Bad: It was very warm (mid 90's)!
What would you change:  Bring a friend.

Saturday 05/17/08

I checked the weather early in the week in anticipation of this event. I could see that it was going to be a warm weekend and that there wouldn't be much wind. Knowing that it would be a warm one I decided to show up bright an early to start right as the course opened up. I awoke early and made my way to Lodi arriving at 5:40 am. I walked over to the registration area only to find they weren't set up yet. Okay maybe I arrived too early. So I went back to the car and got the bike out, checked everything out, got the shoes on, and then went back over to check in. By this time they were setup and handing out the needed materials for the route. I went back made a few adjustments to the bike and then headed out onto the road.

It was a beautiful calm morning on the road heading out of town. There were only a few cars out at this point, most of them heading to the High School for the ride, and only a few other cyclists up ahead. After a couple of miles we were just on the North side of Lodi heading along some of the many vineyards found in the area. Soon it was a right turn onto Acampo Road. This is a great view to enjoy. You ride down this road with these huge palm trees on either side. They've been there as long as I can remember. The sun is coming up now and shining through the trees. There isn't much coolness left in the air, it's going to be a hot one today.

I pass a few more cyclists as I make my way down Acampo and then we turn left onto Tretheway. We're further out into the farm lands, this can be verified because of the many smells. It's about 18 miles into the route as we take a left on Jahant and then a right onto Mackville Road. The rest stop is just up ahead at the Fire Station in Clements.

As I pull in they are just setting up the rest stop. There are only a couple of cyclists that are already here. It's almost weird to only see a few like this. Usually there are many more, but that's what happens when you get an early start. A larger group pulls in shortly after me wearing Lodi Jerseys. They look like a racing team. I fill up on liquids and grab a few snacks. I don't stay too long and hit the road by 7:30 am.

Back on the road there are quite a few cyclists that are coming from the opposite direction.  They're just now starting to catch up, that means they're about 20 minutes behind me.  From here on out it's a run to Lake Camanche.  I pass a few more along the way and feel the heat starting to turn up.

I've always enjoyed the road that climbs up and around the first part of the lake.  Then you get to wind around a few of the houses that line the lake.  I was amazed how low the Lake was, especially at this point in the year.  It's going to be a dry one for sure.

Down at the end of the Camanche Parkway you take a left and head towards Pardee Reservoir.  A few miles up the climb you hit the first water stop along the route.  In previous years this stop was at a vista point on the reservoir, I guess someone didn't like the steep climb so they put it on the road.  I didn't mind the climb.  The water was nice and cold and they even had banana, peanut butter, and m&ms creations.  A real nice treat.  After a few bottles of water and bananas it was time to get moving again.

Looking over at the Reservoir you could see plenty of those out fishing in the boats this morning, most of all you could see how the water level was low here as well.  Up ahead was the stop light that would let you across the dam.  After the light turned green I followed another cyclist across.  Two years ago when I rode across this there was water out on the main spill way, not today, it was bone dry.  Once across the dam there was more climbing, I was able to keep up with a guy in front of me.  We tagged back and forth.  It was nice to finally have someone else on the route to ride with.  

From this point you start to take a few ups and downs and then a few more downs.  You have to be careful through the downs because the road isn't the best.  A few years ago a cyclist took a good spill through here.  He hit a bump wrong and it threw him down.  He got a bit of road rash, nothing serious.  I was able to fly through without any problems.  Next is the South Camanche Parkway, this will take you to the Rest Stop #2. 

I pulled up and once again was surprised how few were here.  Am I still that far in the lead?  The racers that I had seen at the first rest stop were just leaving the 2nd rest stop so I didn't loose that much time from them.  There still wasn't any wind to speak of, the temp was definitely starting to rise, and I was still doing good.  Not wanting to fill up to much on food I ate a few pieces of fruit, had a jelly sandwich, and lots of liquids.  I was here about 15 minutes and then it was time to hit the road again.

From here you head out to Highway 12 and then over through some farm roads.  A few up and down rollers and then out to the flat land.  As I turned down Clements Road I could see a group of cyclists up ahead, another set to reel in.  This is a very flat, long road, about 9 miles worth.  As I tucked in for the ride I recalled from a few years back going down this road and going through the middle of a swarm of bees, freaked me out at the time.  No bees today thank you.  As I passed the cyclists up ahead I realized that they couldn't have been part of the group but instead just a group out on there own.  One of them had a takeout coffee cup in his hand, while the other was just going about a very lazy pace.  The next group I passed up was a set of mountain bikes, couldn't have been doing more than 12 mph.  After a few more miles there was another water stop.  I decided that it would be better to stop and fill up.  After a few minutes of filling up I was back on my way and passing up the group again.

At the end of Clements Road is my favorite part, the orchards.  Here you wind through a number of the orchards as you come into the town of Linden.  You can feel the temperature drop as you are shaded by the sun.  It was really starting to warm up and my pace was still the same, about 18 to 19 mph.  Up ahead was the Linden High School Rest Stop.

This is the same place they've had the Rest Stop as in years past.  The only difference was the music DJ they had this year.  This is the same guy I saw at the Davis Foxy Fall Event last year.  It was funny to see him here, out in the middle of nowhere, of course that's where I saw him last time.  He must be the one that brings the couch cushions and pillows to relax on.  I would enjoyed them but I was way too sweaty to lay down on those.  I got a small meat sandwich, fruit wedges, chips, and lots of liquids.  I would need all the liquids for this last leg home.

After a nice rest it's time to mount up and ride on out of the town of Linden.  Just like years past they are having some kind of fair or festival on the outskirts of town, with kids in the jump houses, food, and such.  I only remember it because of all the cars you have to avoid that are parked all over the streets.

From this point you head out through the orchards again.  Only this time the trees are not hanging over the road like when you come off of Clements Road.  Despite that it's still nice as you go through.  The routes have now converged, the metric century with the 100 mile route.  You can tell who is doing the metric.  I find it funny how those on the metric were complaining about the heat.  Add 40 miles to it, then we'll see who's complaining.

We get into the open farm land and this is where in years past the wind has kicked up, not today.  Still no wind, just the heat.  We're at about 85 miles and there is another water stop.  I stop to fill up and cool off.  I can tell that I'm starting to get overheated.  I take all the ice they have and put it in the bottles and then drink.  At this point I've gone through about 10 water bottles on the whole trip.  I should have stayed longer but want to get done.

For the next 10 miles I'm in a group of about 4 to 6 cyclists with a good steady pace.  Some of them decide to kick it up a notch and I drop back.  It's about this point that I find I have to pee really bad, at least I think I do.  I pull over and try but nothing happens.  The urge turns into a pain instead.  I'm not sure what's going on.  I drink more liquids and head out.  I'm almost there.

The last 5 miles are the most difficult of the day.  It's got to be in the mid to upper 90's by now.  I'm passing people that were on the metric route.  Finally I come into the Lodi High School parking lot.  I put the bike away and change into my walking shoes.  Then I head to the cafeteria for the after ride lunch, tri tip.  On the way I have this urge to pee again, I try and go, a little comes out, but it's more painful than before and very dark orange.  I realize I must be on the verge of dehydration. I reason that it can't be that bad because I was still sweating and I wasn't dizzy or nauseated.

I get into the cafeteria and get a plate of tri tip, salad, beans, bread, and 2 sodas.  I down the sodas first, eat a bit, and then go and get 2 more sodas and down them.  I'm feeling fine and my body has cooled down a bit, I'm sweating a little so I figure I must be okay.  After 30 minutes or so I grab another 2 sodas and water for the road home.  

I thanked a number of those in the cafeteria for a fine event.  They did a great job and I'm looking forward to next year.


On the way home I'm doing fine except for the pain in my bladder.  It's not until later that night after drinking more water and lemonade that the pain finally starts to go away.  My urine is still a very dark orange and doesn't change until the next day.  I didn't have any of the other symptoms of dehydration so I didn't make a big deal out of it, looking back I should have let someone know at the event.

At work later that week I talked with a friend that had ridden the same event.  He only made it to about 80 miles.  Then his legs cramped up so bad he couldn't walk or ride.  He was in the SAG wagon with about 4 other people that were dehydrated as well.

As far as the event goes, they provided plenty of water stops, rest stops, and support.  I saw the SAG out there a number of times throughout the day.  It was just one of those really hot days in the middle of May.  The other two times I've ridden this event the heat wasn't a problem it was the wind.  This time around there was no wind, none.

Next time around I'll know to drink more, a lot more.


Photo Gallery

It's a quiet morning in Lodi at 6:00 am. Heading East into the morning sun. Further down...  ...Acampo Road. Rest Stop #1 bright and early.
Riding down Liberty Road... ...heading up and around... Lake Comanche. Usually you would be able to see the water on both sides, not much to see this year. After Lake Comanche it's time for some climbing...
....through the hills... ...on your way over to Pardee Reservoir. Of course that just means you have to climb some more to get up to the reservoir. Despite the lack of rain there is still enough water for fishing. Heading along the top of the ridge on over to..
...the main Dam. After the reservoir it's time for a little bit more climbing in the hills. Rest Stop #2 is a welcome site. Notice the flag, still no wind, that's a good thing. Now that the big hills are done it's time for some a few...
...small ones. After the small hills it's time for the beautiful orchards... ...of Linden...'s a nice change and brings the temps down with the shade. Rest Stop #3 in Linden, a quick bite to eat and then I hit the road again.
About 10 miles left to go and I'm starting to feel it. Skirting the vineyards of Lodi. Heading back into town... ...for the final stretch home.


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