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  My Trips: Tour de Cure 2010

Name of Trip: Tour de Cure 2010
When: May 1, 2010
Duration: 1 Day
What: Cycling Trip
Cost: $25 registration, minimum $150 in donations.  
Size of Group: Me
Good: I was very well supported by donations once again and enjoyed the ride from beginning to end.
Bad: I didn't train hard enough for this event and could have done better.
What would you change:  Train harder.

Saturday 05/01/10

Prologue Note:  What would you do for a friend?  Would you ride a 100 miles?  Some would think you're crazy to ask someone to do that.  But some of us are crazy.  So crazy that we would say yes if asked.  Last year I rode for my friend Shirley Hamilton and had so much fun I just had to do it again, this time I didn't even wait for her to ask me!  

The Ride:  It started out a brisk cool morning.  Today I would not have to worry about rain.  At the beginning of every ride I have a decision to make, do I want to start out warm and shed layers and carry it around the rest of the day, or do I want to start out cold, but not have to carry around a bunch of stuff later in the day when it's warm.  I opted for cold today, knowing it would be warm soon enough.  So I put on the arm warmers only, put away the jacket and headed to the registration line.  Just like last year I was greeted with a big look of surprise when I told them how much I had collected.  Others standing behind me were surprised as well.  Check in didn't take too long and then it was time to hit the road.  It was just a little past 6:15 as I made my way back out onto Foothill and then heading North. 

I head down Blue Oaks and it's a calm quiet morning.  I'm not looking for markers as I know the course well and it's the same as last year.  I turn again onto Fiddyment and head North for the dump.  Up ahead is the smell of the many loads of trash that come this way.  Today it's not so bad, I'm sure that will change on the way back this afternoon.

I slip in with two other riders and get comfortable.  We trade off back and forth and keep a nice pace.  One asks me if I'm a team captain.  With a puzzled look I ask why he thinks that, "Well you've got the fancy Tour de Cure kit on.  I thought only team captains got that."  I explain that it's from the donations I collected last year, you get it as a thank you gift.  We then chat about the rides we've done and how this is his first century.  His wife is following along to make sure he does okay.  The other rider with us has diabetes and almost didn't make it today.  Something about being in the hospital because he was not eating the right foods.  I listened as he explained he couldn't just eat anything, he had to make sure he knew what type of sugars were in it. 

We're riding through Lincoln now and the town hasn't quite sprung to life yet, still too early.  We're over by the brick factory now and it's a quick jump across Highway 65.  We wind our way through the farmland roads and it's turning a bit cold out here in the fields.  The legs are doing fine, but the arms are getting cold.  Only another hour and then it will warm up.

Finally it's the Rest Stop of the day.  There are a few already here with a larger group coming in just behind us.  Lots to drink and eat, use the port-o-potty and then it's time to warm up again.

We manage to get in a medium size group as we all leave, the pace picks up and we warm up quickly.  Up ahead is the dreaded pot holes.  I just wish they would fix this road.  But I'm sure the only ones that use it this much are the cyclists.  Up ahead are the hills as we climb up to Camp Far West Reservoir, the group has split up now, I'm still with the two I started with and the one has his wife pass by waving.   We're still together as a little group and enjoy drafting off of each other.  We head onto N. Forbes and do some quick climbing.  Now it's back out onto the main roads as we we turn onto McCourtney and regroup for a bit.  The road is smooth and the pace is strong.  Up ahead is another small roller to climb. 

We wind around over to Wise, again familiar territory.  It's a slow rise as we begin to make our way up and over to the Ophir Hills.  The legs are starting to feel it but at least I'm warm.  Now worries about a jacket anymore.  After another few miles it's rest stop #2.  Time to pull off the arm warmers, they're plenty warm now.

I chat with a few of the volunteers and recognize a couple of the ladies.   I ask them if they were here last year, they were, I told them that it was because of them that I was able to finish.  Joanne remembers me and is glad I came back for more.  She was glad for the nice weather this time around.

After I fill up on liquids and something to eat it's time to head out for Auburn.  But before we hit Auburn we hit Bald Hill, I still remember the first time I climbed Bald, I thought my legs were going to fall off.  Now when I climb it I just take it slow and easy, nothing falls off.  During the next stretch I begin to notice fewer and fewer cyclists.  Not as many to draft with now, most are taking the 65 mile route today. 

I round the bend and find myself coming through the Clipper Gap area, time to head back.  Bowman Reservoir up ahead, a nice nap would be great about now.  Instead I head into Auburn and come through the middle of town across 49 and up Palm Ave.  Following this takes me back over to Millerton and down Wise. 

Back out onto Wise and means only one thing, the Fire Station is just ahead around the next turn, 80 miles done, only 20 to go.  Liquids are sweet and refreshing today, why is that? There's not SAG Bus this year, no rain, instead the sun is out and it's getting warm.  The umbrellas are all out keeping people shaded.  I talk with Joanne again and take her picture and thank her for her great efforts.  I all Shirley real quick to let her know I've got about 60 minutes left before I get back.  She'll be there soon.  With that I bid goodbye and head out, I've still got 20 miles to finish.

The next 20 miles is a fast shot down Chili Hill, through Viriginia Town, and over to McBean Park.  Here they have a water stop, I look down, plenty still left, keep going.  I wait at the light and then cross over Highway 65 once again and through West Lincoln.  I can almost smell the dump now. 

I'm now in the thick of the end, there are many cyclists grouped up together as these are the 40 and 65 milers.  They are just taking it easy as they haven't had to put in the long miles or hills.  Time to finish.  The dump is there for sure and then it goes by, a quick turn and it's back over to Blue Oaks on HP.  I come riding through the finish line and Shirley is there waiting at the end. 

Lunch just can't come fast enough.  I see the two cyclists that I rode with that morning.  They are there, one talking with his wife, the other trying to figure out if he can eat the Chipotle Burritos.  I sit down and devour a burrito as I listen to Shirley and her day.  Two sodas later and I'm good.  Time to get home and take a hot shower.  

Epilogue Note: A final note to thank all of those that sponsored Shirley and I for the Tour de Cure.  We had a total of 31 people donate towards this cause.  With your support and donations we were able to raise $1,590 toward the American Diabetes Association.  We had fewer people donate than last year, but overall you helped me raise more.  Again thank you to all those that allowed me to ride this and support a great cause.  We'll be back again next year for sure!


Photo Gallery

Starting out in the early morning heading towards Lincoln. The roads are a little bumby through this area. Rest Stop #1, it's been a fast pace so far. Picking up the pace. Plenty of room for the bikes.
Slowing down a bit. Drafting close behind. We've made it through Camp Far West, now it's the hills. Rest stop #2 and Wise Road, time to fuel up. Love these back roads and views.
At the top of Bald Hill I have the whole place to myself. Following along with a Tour de Cure regular. On our way back from Auburn we get a view of the resevoir. Winding through miller town this is my favorite stretch. Plenty of open bike lanes through here.
One more stretch and it's back to Rest Stop #3. Joanne, was at it again at the Rest Stop.  This year it was full sun. Now we fly down Chili Hill! The road is all mine. I had to get at least one picture of myself on the bike.
On through West Lincoln. One last stretch down Fiddyment and past the dump! There ceremonial picture, Shirley Hamilton and Devin Holmes.     


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