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  My Tour: Southern Tier 200?

Originally I had planned to make this trip during the Spring of 2006.  However as with life things change.  I haven't changed the fact that I still want to do this route.  The only thing that has changed is that I am still doing too many other things right now in my life to get away for 2 months to do this trip.  I still hope to do this trip but it will be a few more years before it happens.

Meanwhile I will still continue to gather information, facts, tidbits, and more about the route and place it here in case others are looking for the same thing.

The Southern Tier Maps from Adventure Cycling Association: It's 3,159 miles and 7 maps, just you and the road. This is the place to go for the best maps to help you make it on your journey across the country. Many have used them and will agree donít leave home without these.

Southern Tier Journals: The first thing I did when I decided to try this route was go to the book store.  They had nothing.  So I went back out to the Internet and found a gold mine.  Take a look at what I found.

Directions on how to get from LAX to San Diego to Start the Southern Tier.

My own Southern Tier FAQ: The who, what, why, where, and when.

21 Reasons why I'm going on this trip....

21. I rode to the end of the block and just kept going.
20. You get a prize, right?
19. I hear the Seafood is great in the South.
18. Because a bad day on the bike is still better than a good day in the office.
17. I need to work on my tan lines.
16. I bought all of this Touring equipment so I might as well put it to use.
15. I lost a bet.
14. I have been hired by the Bicycle Police to patrol the "outlying areas."
13. To boldly go where no sane human being would go.
12. I'm on a mission from God.
11. My DSL modem and I have become too attached.
10. I've never been to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, or New Mexico.
9. Mid life crisis.
8. I just wasn't chafed enough.
7. Someone triple-dog dared me.
6. Because it was there.
5. To give my friends a reason to laugh hysterically, and then ask, "Are you serious?"
4. Because my wife said I could go play.
3. To enjoy the challenge of not knowing where I would eat, drink, sleep or pee for 45 days.
2. The tradition of collecting rocks from locations far and wide continues.
1. I've watched Forrest Gump one too many times.....

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