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  My Training: Route - Fiddyment  / Stanford Ranch Loop

Route Description:

So you've made a good base and can do a great run on the flats but what about climbing.  But for real climbing you don't want an overpass you need something steeper.  For that lets head on over to Rocklin where they have the bluffs.  After you go up and down a couple of nice rolling hills you find yourself at the bottom of the bluff.  As you go up the first time you wonder when you'll reach the top,  it's hard to tell because it winds it's way around playing tricks on your mind.  You look down and realize that this is a 9% grade, so much for easy.  By the time you feel like you're going to fall over on your bike, you've hit the top.  The only bad thing about this climb is there isn't a fun ride down like some other hills.  You can go around the block and do it again or head on back to finish the loop.  Either way it's a great practice ride for first time climbing.

Route Directions:

  • Starting on Baseline near Canyon Creek head West towards Fiddyment
  • R - Fiddyment - 0.67 mi
  • R - Blue Oaks - 3.46 mi
  • L - Sunset Blvd - 8.34 mi
  • R - West Oaks Blvd - 8.60 mi
  • R - Stanford Ranch Blvd. - 9.37 mi
  • R - Fairway Drive
  • L - Pleasant Grove Blvd 
  • L - Foothill Blvd.
  • R - Baseline Rd
  • Stop - Canyon Creek West - 20.25 mi


Distance: 20.25 mi
Maximum Speed: 32.3 mph
Average Speed: 14.9 mph
Actual Riding Time: 01:21:09
Feet Climbed: 475 ft


Heading west on Baseline. Make that turn onto Fiddyment. Wind around onto Blue Oaks. Take a left onto Sunset Blvd. Then wind around onto West Oaks Blvd.
Looking across to the Bluffs that you'll be climbing soon enough. Heading down Stanford Ranch Blvd. A ride through Fairway Drive.    

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