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  My Training: Route - Fiddyment/Washington Loop

Route Description:

This is a great little route to get you warmed up for those weekend rides.  It has two overpasses that you climb, just enough to keep those muscles burning.  The first half of the route has very few stops so you can really keep up the speed without having to stop and go.

Route Directions:

  • Starting on Baseline near Canyon Creek head West towards Fiddyment
  • R - Fiddyment
  • R - Blue Oaks
  • R - Washington
  • R - Pleasant Grove Blvd
  • L - Woodcreek Oaks Blvd
  • R - Baseline back to Woodcreek Canyon


Distance: 12.55
Maximum Speed: 29.9
Average Speed: 15.0
Actual Riding Time: 00:50:12
Feet Climbed: 144 ft


Heading West down Baseline. Turning right on Fiddyment. Making a right down Blue Oaks Up and over the overpass on Blue Oaks with a 3% grade. Heading right on Washington Blvd.

Into the home stretch down Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.        

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