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  My Training: Route - Sun City Lincoln Hills Loop

Route Description:

You're looking for more climbing, you want it to go straight up, well then lets head on over to Sun City in Lincoln Hills.  Note the name 'Hills' in there, that is the key to the ride, lots of up and down hills.  The nice thing about Lincoln Hills is the great bike lanes.  You have a lane for the Cars, a lane for the Golf Carts, and a lane for the Bicycles.  You are able to do lots of different routes in this area it is quite large.  A quick route that you can take over and over is the one listed below.  You can run it a number of times to give you lots of climbing.  About 3 miles into it you will hit a hill that has a 10% grade.  Nothing too long but it is a great hill to practice on.  Feel the burn!

Route Directions:

  • Starting at the corner of Del Webb and Sun Park head down Del Webb Blvd. away from the entrance.
  • L - Stoneridge Blvd.- 0.62 mi
  • R - E. Lincoln Parkway - 4.74 mi
  • R - Del Webb Blvd. - 6.16 mi
  • Stop - You find yourself back at the corner of Del Webb and Sun Park. - 6.73 mi


Distance: 6.73
Maximum Speed: 32.1 mph
Average Speed: 13.6
Actual Riding Time: 00:29:28
Feet Climbed: 339 ft


Heading East down Del Webb Blvd. Left at Stoneridge Blvd. Enjoy the ride down Stoneridge, it's a 10% grade coming back up the other side. Taking a break at the top of the hill. More rest time at the top of the hill.
Looking North West from the top of the hill. Looking South West from the top of the hill. Take a right down E. Lincoln Parkway. The main Entrance of Sun City Lincoln Hills. Make a right onto Del Webb Blvd and you'll be back where we started.

Chris "Armstrong" showing his stuff. Who's that bringing up the rear....Connie & Justin      

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