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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2005 - Photo Gallery Day 1

Enjoying an early morning nap. Busy in the kitchen. My gracious hosts Lynn and Patty bid me a fond farewell. Getting the gear in place. Connecting the trailer with the bike.
Devin and Lynn in the early morning. One last pose and then I'm off. And we're off! Alright one more pose. Wait here until he comes around the corner!
And there he goes off into the distance, I hope he knows his way home... One of my first views of the ocean from Highway 1 Another view from Highway 1. Highway 1. A great view of the Marine Layer just off the coast.
Climbing a nice hill along Highway 1. Taking a quick bathroom break at the small town of Jughandle? I think this is Jughandle, not sure. The clouds would come in as streams of mist all day like this. You can see here there is room to get off the road.
Coming into the town of Point Arena. This is a shot of Gualala from the trail to the Beach. The Beach at Gualala and the many drift wood sculptures. Here is one of the drift wood sculptures up close, it is at least 5 feet tall. One last look at the beach before I head back to camp.


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