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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2005 - Photo Gallery Day 2

Lots of twists and turns as you follow the Coast in and out of the Coves. Looking back at the hill I just climbed and taking a breather. Coming around the bend on Highway 1 and passing Ft. Ross. South of Fort Ross you climb up to 509 ft and then drop down to 300 ft, then you go back up to 519 ft.  It's about 3 to 4 miles in length.   Having gone over the Russian River I climb up and around the other side to see the bridge I just went over.
Somewhere outside Bodega Bay.  Notice the emergency call box to the left, they were all over the place. This appears to be somewhere around Tamales Bay. "A ray of hope" just coming out of Tamales Bay I see this beautiful scene.


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