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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2007 - Journal Day 5

Tuesday 08/14/07 - Beverly Beach to Jessie Honeyman

Here are my notes from Day 5:

  • When I left in the morning it was a bit on the foggy side.
  • Started out a little on the late side as it was 9 am when I got on the road.
  • The first town I came into was Newport. There were plenty of stores here, even a Wal-Mart. It was too soon for me to stop so I just rode through. This town was about 4 miles from the Campground.
  • Tried to go to the Yaquina lighthouse to do the tourist thing, it was closed until 11 am. Time to get back on the road.
  • Crossed the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Very large bridge, reminded me of the Golden Gate Bridge because of the fog. Once I got to the other side it was nice out.
  • Stopped in Waldport for lunch at another Subway. It was right off of the highway and very nice to sit at for a bit. As you come into Waldport there was a very large bridge to cross, plenty of room on this one for bikes.
  • It was pretty much foggy the whole day until I got almost to Florence.
  • The tunnel that you go through on this section has no room for walking, you'll have to wait for a lull in the cars and then ride through. It's not a pleasant tunnel experience.
  • In Florence there is a bike store just on the South side of town. It's actually a guitar and bike store. Very nice staff. I wanted to get some brake pads in case I needed another set. They came out looked at what I needed and was able to get me the right set. I was surprised at the no sales tax.
  • Once at Jessie Honeyman I was amazed at how large it was. The hiker biker site is near the main entrance of the park. It's a bit of a walk from the road as well. So the bathrooms and shower are a hike. Still nice, plenty big for lots of cyclists.
  • I met Dave from Seattle and Dave from Vancouver. Both would be heading as far as Crescent City, CA.

NOTE: Sorry it's been too long to be able to write the journal page, instead I've just put the notes I made from the day.

Pictures for the Day

Heading out from Beverly Beach back onto Highway 101. The first stop of the day was to visit the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Yaquina Bay Lighthouse established in 1871 and is known as the earliest aid to navigation. It also doesn't open for tourists until 11 am... Next on the tour is the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  It comes with it's very own fog, actually the fog  comes with the light house.
That was an interesting bridge as one side was covered in fog and once you hit the middle it all disappeared. Passing through the supports at the end. Boats heading out to sea. Looking back at the bridge. It's been here awhile.
Another nice Vista Point stop to rest the legs. Back on the road with plenty of room. Looking down to the ocean. Starting to climb again. Up through the hills.
The clouds were really rolling in during the section. Plenty of room on the road. Notice the flashing lights above the tunnel.  You press the button before you go in, so cars slow down, at least that's the way it's supposed to happen. Taking another break and looking... ...over the wall down to the ocean.
Down the home stretch for camp. Camp for the night at Jessie Honeyman.      


Daily Stats

Rider: Devin Holmes
Time Left: 9:00 am
Time Arrived: 4:30 pm
Max mph: 33.7
Avg mph:  11.7
Distance:  61.93
Actual Time Riding: 5:17:00
Camp Fee: $4
Total Cost for today: $42


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