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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2007 - Journal Day 6

Wednesday 08/15/07 - Jessie Honeyman to Sunset Bay

Notes from Day 6:

  • Late again getting out on the road.
  • Stopped in Winchester Bay for a sandwich, really good pastrami. Not a lot of places to eat, you've got to search for them.
  • North Bend was a good grocery stop, they have a Wal-Mart there.
  • Today was good weather, low to mid 70's, cloudy in the morning but the rest of the day was pleasant.
  • I stopped at another lighthouse today which was open, but there was a fee to take the tour.  I opted to just take a few pictures, fill up on water, and then head out.
  • Traffic was much heavier today, but the roads had plenty of space for bikes.
  • Umpqua hill was a hard climb.
  • Riding up and over Coos Bay on the bridge was a little nerve racking.  Once at the top in the middle I walking the bike for a bit because the wind was picking up.  There is plenty of room to walk the bike on the sidewalk.  But not enough room on the road to share with cars.
  • Tonight in camp there are 8 cyclists. Dave & Dave are here. The 3 guys I met earlier from Ohio and Arizona. Then a new set, Josh & Gordon from Vancouver.
  • The 3 guys decided to head back to town for a drink or two. Well they had a little too much to drink. On the way back from town one of them fell off his bike and dislocated his shoulder. He had to pop it back in place, I guess he's done it before. Then they went back to town to buy a bag of ice. They were going to stay here another day to see if they could ride it out. 

NOTE: Sorry it's been too long to be able to write the journal page, instead I've just put the notes I made from the day.

Pictures for the Day

Heading out of Jessie Honeyman was very nice. Lakes were along the way. Plenty of room on the shoulder And lots of nice trees. Then you hit the Sand Dunes.
Here is the Umqua River... ...light house facilitiy... ....built in 1857. Very pretty up on the hill. Looking out across the bay.
Heading along the marina in Winchester Bay. At the marina in Winchester Bay where I found lunch. There were quite a few hills to climb today. Taking a break at one of the rest stops along the way. I start to see the Sand Dunes that so many come to the area for.
Up ahead is the bridge... ...that takes me across... ...Coos Bay. It was not easy to cross once at the top, a bit windy. Across the bridge and heading to town.
That's where all of the shells are! Heading up the last couple of hills to Sunset Bay. The hiker/biker site at Sunset Bay. Plenty of room for everyone tonight.  


Daily Stats

Rider: Devin Holmes
Time Left: 9:15 am
Time Arrived: 4:30 pm
Max mph: 33.6 
Avg mph: 12.0
Distance:  57.81
Actual Time Riding: 4:47:56
Camp Fee: $4
Total Cost for today: $30.50


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