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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2007 - Journal Day 7

Thursday 08/16/07 - Sunset Beach to Humbug Mountain

Notes Notes from Day 7:

  • It was a harder day on the bike.
  • The first 20 miles were difficult to ride as there was some climbing to get up and out of Sunset Bay. There were also no services of any kind around.
  • When I arrived in Bandon there were very minimal services on the main bike route. There may have been a grocery store or restaurant around but you can't see it from the main route through town. I didn't want to go wandering around for it so I kept going. I was very disappointed because I wanted to get something to eat knowing that there wasn't going to be anything for the next 20 miles.
  • 20 miles down the road I hit Langlois, population 50. If there is really 50 people they must have been counting tourist that day. Anyways there is a deli/gas station and that's it. However this deli has the best hot dogs around. Everyone in the area comes here for lunch and get two or three of them. Today I stuck with the pastrami and wasn't disappointed. They have a sign out front inviting cyclists to stop by for free water. They were nice. They have a bench out front you can sit on to eat your lunch.
  • In Port Orford I stopped to do laundry. It was a nice little town. I was able to recharge the phone and camera here since I was there for an hour.
  • On the south side of town you have a beautiful view of Battle Rock and Humbug Mountain.
  • Once at Humbug Mountain you'll find the hiker/biker site is a bit on the small side. There were plenty of regular campsites so instead we got one of those. Dave and Dave chipped in for the site which was nice. The regular site was closer to the showers and the restrooms.
  • The average was lower for the day due to the a lot more climbing than previous days and a bit of a headwind.
  • This one guy that had passed me on the road earlier in the day was setup across from us. He came over to say hi. They were from Los Angeles. He said that his kids had watched me earlier in the day and were trying to figure out how the flag was attached to my bike. From a distance it looked like it was flapping in the wind attached to my back. It wasn't until they got closer that they saw the pole coming up from the BOB trailer. 

NOTE: Sorry it's been too long to be able to write the journal page, instead I've just put the notes I made from the day.

Pictures for the Day

Big hills to climb today... ...coming out of Sunset Beach. Looking back on the road up the hill. Once at the top you could see for miles around. It was one of the few areas that you didn't see lots of trees.
You are on this scenic route for a bit and then... ...Back on the main road with all of the cars. This was a few from the outskirts of Bandon. Beautiful views but I kept waiting for the store. And then I was back out on the Highway heading south.
The bike needed a rest. This was the lunch stop for the day. Heading South... ...there is still plenty of room for bikes on the road. Battle Rock Rest Stop just on the South...
....side of Port Orford. At Port Orford looking out to Humbug Mountain. Camp is up ahead. As you get closer you wonder if you have to climb it. The campsite at Humbug Mountain.


Daily Stats

Rider: Devin Holmes
Time Left: 9:30 am
Time Arrived: 5:30 pm
Max mph: 32.3
Avg mph: 11.0
Distance: 60.80
Actual Time Riding: 5:29:05
Camp Fee: $14
Total Cost for today: $28.75


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