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  My Tours: Pac West Tour 2007 - Journal Day 8

Friday 08/17/07 - Humbug Mountain to Harris Beach Campground

Notes from Day 8:

  • This was the day of gorgeous views along the way. I got to see the famous sea stacks and archways.
  • In the morning it started to sprinkle as we packed up from the campground.
  • Dave from Seattle left earlier than all of us. He was anxious to get to Crescent City and then drive home.
  • There was again quite a bit of climbing but nothing hard.
  • I was disappointed when I got to Gold Beach, there really wasn't a lot to choose from for lunch. I ended up just getting an already made deli sandwich at the Grocery Store. I had passed up on the Dairy Queen. Dave from Vancouver said that was a wise choice. He had a burger that just didn't sit well with him the rest of the day.
  • About the time I got to Harris Beach the wind started to kick up a bit.  
  • It was still very early when I made camp so I decided to go into town for Dinner.
  • The campground is only about a mile from the town of Brookings.  Right as you come into town there are a number of fast food places to eat and a Fred Meyers Department Store.  Fred Meyers was like a really nice Walmart.
  • Dave from Seattle had pushed on ahead to Crescent City, he was eager to get back home.
  • Dave from Vancouver came in about an hour after I did.
  • There was another cyclist that came in later, a girl from Munich.  She could have been more than 19.
  • The Hiker/Biker site here was very large and nice.  It was a bit secluded from the rest of the camp.  They do have laundry facilities at this campground which was nice.
  •  There was good shoulder most of the day on this route and the traffic was on the light side compared to previous days.
  • As I sat and watched the sun set there was a wedding on the beach.  A bit too windy for me but it was nice.

NOTE: Sorry it's been too long to be able to write the journal page, instead I've just put the notes I made from the day.

Pictures for the Day

Leaving Humbug Mountain and heading up the Mountain. As you head South along the Highway you see these signs. Looking back to Humbug Mountain. Plenty of coastline to enjoy. It's a bit overcast, looking South down the coastline.
Even though there were alternate... ...routes along this stretch... ...I just stayed on Highway 101 because there was plenty of room. Gold Beach is up ahead. Crossing the Rogue River as you come into Gold Beach.
The world famous... ....arch... ...rock... ...viewpoint. It was amazing....
to see what nature has done over... ...the years with this area. Another self portrait of me... ...and the bike. Back on the road heading south.
    The trees are closing in on me.    
  A quick stop to rest after climbing another hill.     Brookings is just up ahead.
I was in camp only an hour and here comes the wild life. Camp for the night. Out on the beach is the wedding party. Looking back towards the campground. Looking out towards the beach.
Another sunset for the trip.        


Daily Stats

Rider: Devin Holmes
Time Left: 9:30 am
Time Arrived: 3:00 pm
Max mph: 37.4
Avg mph: 11.4
Distance:  54.12
Actual Time Riding: 4:43:38
Camp Fee: $4
Total Cost for today: $37.00


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