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  My Trip: Tour de Cure 2012
The Tour de Cure was back and almost as windy as the year before....but this time around we had a special treat for us at Rest Stop #2.  Lindsay and James were with me as we road 100 miles to find more food at the end.  Thanks again to all my sponsors!...more

Welcome to My Cycling Page. My name is Devin Holmes and I've been cycling ever since I was old enough to walk.  During the last 7 years I've been enjoying cycling more and more each year.  You'll see that I've participated in a number of organized rides and enjoy them for the scenery and the satisfaction of being able to complete a century.  One of the reasons I started cycling again was because of this crazy idea I had of doing a Cross Country TourAs of yet I have not done the cross country tour but hopefully one day I'll be able to.  In the meantime I have done a few tours on the Pacific Coast.  I also spend a lot of time getting together with the Cycling Club I help start here in my area.  I try and update this site after my trips and tours.  Come back soon to see what's changed or drop me a line with questions you might have!

PacWest Solo
Tour 2011


My Tour: PacWest Tour 2008
This year I headed South for the Border.  I started in San Francisco, CA and went all the way to California Mexican Border.  I was able to enjoy the beach, the sun, the views, and more sun.  Take a look to see more of the details...more

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